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Turlach Ur's 2010 Winter Storm Participants

Turlach Urchins Open Winter Steam!

Turlach Ur sent its biggest contingent ever to the big Winter Storm workshops last weekend in Kansas City.  All together, 26 of the band's players and students participated.  Add family members and friends, and Turlach Ur brought more than 50 people to the Storm! Best of all, none other than our own Turlach Urchins opened the much-anticipated concert after-party, Winter Steam.  A total of 12 of the band's junior players (ages 10 to 17) took the stage at approximately 10:30 Saturday night, kicking off an evening of some of the best ceilidh piping and drumming anywhere.  That's a pretty late gig, but these kids worked so hard they could play the music in their sleep.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Mark Stanfield and all the great Winter Storm 2010 organizers for taking a chance on the Turlach Urchins, and to MacLellan Bagpipes, whose pipe chanters helped the Urchins lock in some astonishing tone for their performance.  The Urchins also have had tremendous instruction and support from Malcolm Rosenberger, Aaron Mars, Andrew Hoinacki, Charlie Rosenberger and John Haack ... some the top players (and top people) in the pipe band world.




Midcorps Workshops with Andrew Hoinacki


On November 21st, Turlach Ur welcomed midcorps and snare maestro Andrew Hoinacki to Grinnell for a day of drumming workshops.  (See Photos and More.)  Andrew spent most of the day with the band's tenor and bass players, then an hour with the snares and another hour with the full band.  Naturally, he wasn't even breathing hard yet ... plenty left for some fine ceilidh drumming in the evening!  It was a very educational and inspirational weekend for everyone.  It's great to have Andrew back in the midwest!

Loudest Library Patrons Ever!


The Turlach Urchins played back-to-back gigs on Friday December 4. (See Photos and More.)  The first show was in Grinnell's former public library, now the new home of the Grinnell Area Arts Council.  A brisk one-block scurry took them to the new Drake Community Library for another fine display of piping, drumming AND dancing.  Good crowds at both performances!  The very next day, Drake Library was REALLY rocking when Turlach Ur performed for the ribbon cutting before a huge and enthusiastic crowd.



Turlach   (TUR – lock)-a large fire

            Ur (ur)-beautiful, flourishing, fresh, new, vigorous

Founded in 2007 and based in Grinnell, Iowa, the Turlach Ur Pipe Band now boasts a roster of 25 pipers and drummers.  We will add two new pipers in the summer of 2010 and have another six piping and drumming students working hard.  More than half of our band members are junior players, ranging in age from ten to seventeen.  Together, they make up Turlach Ur's increasingly popular youth band, the Turlach Urchins.

Turlach Ur holds weekly band practices and monthly group lessons at which all levels come together for instruction in small groups (and lunch in a big group!)  We pride ourselves on playing great music and having a great time.  The two come together in our concerts, which easily are among the most fun and imaginative pipe band shows anywhere.
Contact Rob Clower clower@iowatelecom.net or call 641-990-6820 for more information.