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Turlach Ur Pipe Band to Offer
Beginning Tenor Drumming Classes

Grinnell’s Turlach Ur Pipe Band will host its first tenor and bass drumming workshop on Saturday November 21.  The sessions are intended to develop the band’s present players, but a special beginner class also will be offered.


Rob Clower, pipe major of Turlach Ur, explains that a pipe band’s tenor and bass drummers provide not only important mid-range percussion, but also enormous visual appeal.  “The tenors are the ones who do the incredible flourishing of their sticks while they’re playing.  I have so much fun watching them I occasionally forget my place in the music!”



The workshop instructor is Andrew Hoinacki, a professional level Scottish drummer and a senior judge in both the Western U.S. and Midwest Pipe Band Associations.  After several years leading some of the top pipe band drum corps on the west coast, Hoinacki only recently returned to his native Chicago.  “Having Andrew back in the Midwest presents a great opportunity for Turlach Ur,” notes Clower.  “Andrew is one of the most sought after Scottish drumming instructors in North America.  This workshop will provide quite a boost for this critical part of the band






Turlach   (TUR – lock)-a large fire

            Ur (ur)-beautiful, flourishing, fresh, new, vigorous

The Turlach Ur Pipe Band sprang to life in Grinnell, Iowa in the summer of 2007.  Increasingly true to its name, it’s burning brightly now, boasting some 25 pipers and drummers at various levels.  About half are junior players, ranging in age from eight to seventeen.

We hold weekly band practices and monthly group lessons at which all levels come together for instruction in small groups (and lunch in a big group!)  We pride ourselves on playing great music and having a great time.  The two come together in our concerts, which easily are among the most fun and imaginative pipe band shows anywhere.  In 2009, we’ll be testing the pipe band competition waters for the first time!

In partnership with the Anne Stapleton School of Highland Dance, Turlach Ur now is bringing Highland dance instruction to east-central Iowa.  Contact Rob Clower at 641-990-6820 for more information about this latest addition to Turlach Ur’s Highland arts instructional programs.