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Pipe Major-Rob Clower

Rob began piping in North Carolina at age nine under the instruction of John Kiely, an Edinburgh native and formerly a piper with the Royal Scots regiment.  He has played with several bands, and served as pipe sergeant and pipe major of the Iowa Scottish Pipes and Drums.  Rob has led Turlach Ur since its inception in 2007 and also plays with the Cameron Highlanders of San Diego. He teaches piping in Grinnell.




Ethan Brand-Labarge

Ethan is one of the newer members in the band. He is from Mt. Vernon and attends a boarding school in Massachusetts called Deerfield Academy. Ethan’s interests include running, basketball, and reading. He’s a righteous dude.



Glenn Chatfield

Glenn learned to play the pipes with the Tunes of Glory Pipes and Drums in Aurora, Il, beginning in January 1983. He played with Tunes of Glory until his family moved to Iowa in December 1995. Since moving to Iowa, Glenn has been a member of the Hawkeye Area Grand Gaelic Isles Society and has performed at their Celtic festival every year but two since 1997. From March 2005 until July 2011, Glenn performed regularly with the Maolisa Irish Step Dancers.



David Clower

David, age 16, has been listening to pipe band music since he can remember, and started playing it when he was nine. He plays with the Cameron Highlanders of San Diego, as well as Turlach Ur, and serves as pipe major of the Turlach Urchins.  He has just moved to Grade 2 as a soloist.  In addition to the bagpipes, David plays French horn and piano. He likes reading, math, tennis, debate and running.




Brian Cornelison

Brian has been playing pipes since 2001. He has studied at the College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland and has trained at Winter Storm. Brian was a member of the Iowa Scottish Pipes and Drums for seven years and has practiced with the Manchester Pipe Band in Manchester, Conneticut, and the Trinity College pipe Band in Hartford, Connecticut prior to joining Turlach Ur.



Marcia Elliott

Marcia started playing the pipes in 2005, after years of passive observation. A musician for most of her life, she also plays piano, flute and cello, but has found the pipes to be the most challenging. Marcia has two children, one bass\snare drummer and one tenor drummer, who are also members of Turlach Ur.



James Jenkins

Jim is a native and life-long resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He first learned the Highland bagpipes through the Scottish Highlanders at the University of Iowa where he majored in piano performance and music education.  Throughout his 34 years of piping he has also played with the Iowa Scottish Pipes and Drums and the Hawkeye Area Grand Gaelic Society in addition to numerous performances in the Midwest. He owns and operates James Jenkins Music Studio and Ministries in Cedar Rapids.


Gavin Lang

Gavin is 16 years old and has been playing bagpipes for four and a half years.  He played violin before he began bagpipes.  Rob Clower is his teacher.  Gavin became interested in bagpipes because of his Scottish ancestry.  He also enjoys hunting, trapping, and other sports. He is homeschooled.


Brad Morrison

Brad has been playing the pipes since 1999, ever since his wife, Mary Jo, urged him to learn. Previous instruments include guitar, piano, didgeridoo, percussion and anything brass. The bagpipe is the first instrument that Brad can say has become an obsession at times, mostly because piping is a family hobby, with his daughters playing and dancing. Brad has played with bands in Michigan and Iowa, and has competed successfully in solo competition as well.  He serves as pipe sergeant of Turlach Ur.




Madison Morrison

Madison, age 16, started playing the pipes somewhat earnestly in 2007. She loves playing with her dad and with her friends. In addition to the pipes, she plays the trumpet and is an accomplished Scottish Highland (competing), jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop dancer. She is also an animal on the soccer field, where she picked up the nick name "Mad Dog" due to her tenacity.  Madison serves as pipe sergeant of the Turlach Urchins.



Ethan O'Connor



Oliver Parsons

Oliver Parsons is 11 years old attends Lincoln Elementary School in Iowa City.  Born in Bangkok, Thailand he has been learning pipes for the past two years.  Oliver enjoys history and likes to spend time outdoors.



Brendan Selberg


Laura Van Cleve


Laura began to study bagpipes in December 2008. She had always been fascinated by the bagpipes and was thrilled by the opportunity to be a student of Rob's. The band is a wonderful change of pace from working at a busy community mental health center.


Snare Drum

Drum Major-Nancy Clower

Nancy began her Scottish snare drumming studies with Malcolm Rosenberger and Aaron Mars, and now teaches drumming in Grinnell. She is an accomplished violist and little imagined that her next musical venture would be drumming.  Nancy serves as Drum Sergeant of Turlach Ur and even finds time to teach at Grinnell College.


Chloe Baumann

Chloe, 13, has been part of Turlach Ur for three years. As a little girl, Chloe really enjoyed watching older girls in the percussion section during band concerts.  So, her mother asked Nancy if she could have a lesson or two.  Even before the first lesson was finished Chloe knew that, at 10 years-old, she’d found her instrument.  When she’s not busy with Turlach Ur, she enjoys swimming and playing soccer competitively, playing piano and electric bass, and singing with her friends.



Jill Chatfield

Snare Drum

Jill learned Highland Dance from Pauline Haverkate of North Aurora, Illinois, who was associated with the Tunes of Glory Pipes and Drums. She danced from 1983 to 1994. Her husband, Glenn, was a piper, their daughter also danced and their son was a snare drummer. They often perforned as a family, as well as with the Tunes of Glory. She is now excited to be a snare drum student, having begun the autumn of 2009.



Tommy Clower

Tommy is 13 years old and has been snare drumming since 2008.  He is drum sergeant of the Turlach Urchins and has just moved to Grade 3 as a soloist.  Tommy’s teachers are Nancy Clower and Malcolm Rosenberger.  He’s a bagpiper now too, having first performed at Winter Storm in Kansas City.  Tommy also plays the violin and trumpet.  When he’s not playing with Turlach Ur and the Urchins, he enjoys reading, soccer, running, basketball, and climbing trees.


Roland Eckhart

Snare Drum



Mecca Morrison

While Mecca, age 19, had begun to learn some tunes on the practice chanter, drums are where she gets her groove on.  She went to a practice, got some basic lessons and has really been bitten by the bug.  Mecca is also an accomplished Highland (competing) and hip hop dancer, and plays the flute in her high school band.  She's a singer too, and has been playing soccer as long as she can remember. 


Catheryn ('Ryn) Van Cleve 

'Ryn Van Cleve is currently a Grinnell High School student, and has been drumming with Turlach Ur since 2008.  Besides drumming, 'Ryn enjoys playing the tenor saxophone in jazz band and training horses.

Nancy Cornelison

Nancy leads the Turlach Ur midcorps. She is a three-time veteran of Winter Storm and would like to thank Bob Henderson for his support as she was getting started. Nancy was a member fo the Iowa Scottish Pipes and Drums for three years prior to joining Turlach Ur.






Callie Van Cleve

Callie is 16 years old. She was unexpectedly entranced with the tenor
drumming she witnessed while waiting for her sister after band
practice. Winter Storm 2008 clinched her desire to become part of
Turlach Ur. Callie enjoys musical theatre and has been active in her
junior high musicals, playing Annie last year. She is also a first
rate babysitter and ripsticker.



Rick Van Cleve

Rick decided to join Turlach Ur because he loves music and didn't like the idea of being the family roadie. He is learning tenor drumming from Nancy Cornelison and attended Winter Storm 2008.




Liz Queathem



Bass Drum

Bryan Elliott

Bryan is a 20 year-old retiree from the Turlach Urchins. He is currently studying Information Technology, works as a tech for U.S. Cellular and enjoys playing video games on his days off.






Brett Wax (pipes)


Ed Henning (pipes)


Jacob Gosselink (pipes)


Scott Baumann (pipes)


Jed Petersen (pipes)

Jed started taking lessons on the chanter from Rob Clower in December 2012.  He has always enjoyed listening to Scottish music.  After watching a few performances by the FDNY pipes and drums he was hooked and wanted to start taking lessons.  He is engaged to Kara Kopp who is currently finishing graduate school at the University of Northern Iowa.  Jed is a firefighter for the City of Grinnell.


Phoenix Chang-Roper (tenor)


Former and Occasional Players


Tom Mulvehill (pipes)
Bob Henderson (bass)
Malcolm Rosenberger (snare)
Amber Dingman (tenor)
Martha Davis (pipes)
Albert DeFusco (pipes)
Rosalind Buda (pipes)
Ross Rauber (pipes)
Luc Moisan (pipes)
Jennifer Buda (tenor)
Julien Moisan (snare)
Alli Nutting (tenor)
Elaine Shoemaker (pipes)
Susie Shoemaker (snare)
Henry McCarthy (pipes)