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Clower Wins Gold in Kansas City


David with silver and bronze medalists Karen Margaret MacLean and Fred Kiffer

On January 10, Turlach Ur's own David Clower (16) participated in the 12th Annual Winter Storm piping competitions in Kansas City.  This year, over 150 top players from the U.S., Canada and the UK took part.

David placed first in a field of 15 players in Grade 2 of the new amateur ceol beag event.  His MSR included Major Manson at Clachantrushal, Lady Louden, and Fiona MacLeod.  For the remainder of the 2014 season, David will move to Grade 1.  He plans to compete this year throughout the Midwest as well as at the Pleasanton games in California.

Biggest Turlach Ur Performance Yet

tu band

Turlach Ur performed for a seventh consecutive year at the Grinnell Area Arts Council's Thursday Music in the Park series.  The band was bigger than ever and played on July 4th to the biggest audience of the summer.  Turlach Ur's 25 players were joined by several of the area's top brass players for several numbers.  The performance was made possible by the generous support of Dental Associates of Grinnell.

Close Second in Chicago


Turlach Ur concluded a short but highly successful 2013 by finishing one point out of first place at the Chicago Highland Games.  It was an excellent showing in a field of eight Grade 5 bands and included the trophy for best bass section.  Several soloists had productive days as well!

Turlach Ur 1st at Springfield!!


In its first serious go at competition, Turlach Ur won the Grade 5 event at the Springfield, Illinois Highland Games on May 18.  The band played first and had a very solid run at the set, as this video attests (click here).  Turlach Ur's victory came in a field of five bands.  Hats off to St. John's Northwestern pipe band, which finished second ... barely.  It could have gone either way.  Turlach Ur will conclude its 2013 season at the Chicago Highland Games on June 15.  This games is treated as the Midwest championships and the band hopes to wrap up with another strong showing.


Bob Worrall Visits!


None other than Bob Worrall dropped by a recent rehearsal!  He had some great ideas for making the QMM stronger and even did an informal master class with the band's active solo competitors.   If you haven't gotten to spend time with this world famous piper, piping expert and all-round super guy, the members of Turlach Ur highly recommend it!  (It was an especially great day for band members Rob Clower, Scott Baumann and Gavin Lang, all of whom were celebrating birthdays that day.   As always, listen for Bob providing commentary during the BBC's live streaming of the World Pipe Band Championships coming up in Glasgow this August.

Recent Events

Turlach Ur's new year began with another thrilling performance by the Urchins (youth band) at Winter Storm in Kansas City.  See the video (click here) and check out the new pipers stepping forward for one of the tunes!  We're in the midst of a big piper surge, with five who have just begun performing and another five students getting close to making the jump.  Look for as many as 20 pipers and 12 drummers when the band puts on its big annual concert in the park in Grinnell on July 4!

This year will mark Turlach Ur's return to band competition!  After getting our feet wet four years ago, we'll be back with a bigger band to do our best against other midwestern bands.  We plan to compete in at least three events ... Minnesota (May 4), Springfield (May 18) and Chicago (June 15).  Come see what a Highland games is all about and cheer on your favorite pipe band while you're there!!

Be sure to check out the rest of our web site.  Meet all our players and students on the Band Roster page, check out some pics and videos at Photos and More, and visit Appearance and Events to find out where you can hear Turlach Ur play!


Turlach   (TUR – lock)-a large fire

            Ur (ur)-beautiful, flourishing, fresh, new, vigorous

Founded in 2007 and based in Grinnell, Iowa, the Turlach Ur Pipe Band now boasts a roster of 25 pipers and drummers.  We will add two new pipers in the summer of 2010 and have another six piping and drumming students working hard.  More than half of our band members are junior players, ranging in age from ten to seventeen.  Together, they make up Turlach Ur's increasingly popular youth band, the Turlach Urchins.

Turlach Ur holds weekly band practices and monthly group lessons at which all levels come together for instruction in small groups (and lunch in a big group!)  We pride ourselves on playing great music and having a great time.  The two come together in our concerts, which easily are among the most fun and imaginative pipe band shows anywhere.
Contact Rob Clower clower@iowatelecom.net for more information.


Turlach Ur is a program of the Grinnell Area Arts Council

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